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Cosmo: Burning man 2020 Concept

The theme for Burning man 2020 is Multiverse. Cosmo is an Interactive experience at the Burning Man that brings the galaxy into the desert! It allows the visitors to be immersed in the galaxy, take fun pictures, and relax under the neon lights. First, the visitor goes through an entrance, which is made of a series of neon triangles. This is also a great photo opportunity. The visitor then goes through a triangle-shaped tunnel with video screens on all sides. The tunnel is also equipped with speakers to enhance the experience and make it more interactive. From the tunnel, then the visitor is guided to an interactive wall. This wall is made of video screens that can be touched and interacted with. The graphics change based on the way they are touched. Finally, these neon geodesic domes allow the visitors to relax under the stars feel one with the galaxy!

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