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Greener Lab Environmental Design

GreenerLab is a research facility that concentrates on providing sustainable solutions for other companies, as well as educating the public about sustainability. The big logo in the front of the building is made from plants and represents the brand’s identity as well as making the building more visible from the PCH Street. There are three lounge areas for the employees and visitors; one next to the entrance, and two in the front. The garbage cover and the visual barrier between the parking and the street are both made of wood, to match the overall look and feel of the design. The entrance and the back of the building also include wood as the primary material. The reason wood is one of the primary materials in this design is that it is one of the materials with the lowest environmental impact on its production and life cycle. In addition, all the paints and wood treatments used in the exterior of this building are natural with no substances, solvents or any other chemical products, and all the glass materials are recycled. Finally, there are a lot of plants and living walls used in this design, to remind everyone about our beautiful nature, and how we can save it for future generations if we learn more about sustainability and incorporate it in our lives.

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