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Seagull Interpretive Design


The main goal of this project is to enhance the park visitors’ experience by creating an educational installation that teaches them about the seagull, which is an indigenous bird to this park, as well as beautifying the park and attracting more visitors. This interactive installation contains four stations, and each station includes three Information boards in shape of waves stacked on top of each other, three foot pedals, and one seagull-shaped chair. The visitors can seat on these chairs and press their feet on each pedal to raise the corresponding wave board up and read a fun fact about the seagull. This motion recreates the motion of the waves, and the person seating on the chair can experience what it is like to fly over these waves like a seagull. In addition, the seagull wings behind the chair create a great opportunity for taking a picture. There are twelve facts in total and they are divided into four different categories: food, anatomy, behavior, and environment. Each station teaches the visitors about one of these categories. Finally, It is worth mentioning that this installation is made out of metal and is therefore weather resistant and durable.

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